Trending September 2023 # Top 3 Restaurants In Tokyo To Choose From In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Top 3 Restaurants In Tokyo To Choose From In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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About Tokyo

The land of the Nihon capital covers by renowned restaurant chains. Well-known for its iconic landmarks and restaurants in Tokyo, it is a cultural asset for its visitors. Besides being Japan’s largest city, Tokyo is a top food hub with unbeatable delectables to much this year. So, whether you are a tourist or an office-goer looking forward to a grub, grab crazy meals at the best restaurants in Tokyo.

3 Must-Visit Restaurants in Tokyo

Let’s discuss the top 3 talks of the town restaurants in Tokyo to dine at in 2023.

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#1 Jomon Roppongi

This buzzing restaurant with a dim-lit atmosphere can be worth a visit this year. You can avail of an English menu and wait as your skewers sizzle over charcoal in the smoky environment.

Fujimori Building 1F, 5-9-17 Rappongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032




5 pm- 11:30 pm


A typical Japanese restaurant-cum pub or Izakaya with cool jazz breezing through the air.

What to eat?

Small-plate of salt-pickled komatsuna can be a zesty snack affair. The torn and tossed mustard greens, raw cabbage dressed with dashi, and soy sauce vinegar with squeezed lemon can make you feel in heaven.

Hanasaki Nankotsu, labeled flower-blooming cartilage”, is a must-eat for a crunchy ride.

Iberico pork is a tender-mild melting dish to devour amongst the skewers.

The Wood-fired pizza is the smoky add-on to grab here.

Signature Dish:-

Shisomaki or perilla skewers are a must-try dish in the restaurant. Lean slices of pork roll with a perilla leaf give off a delight with a pink-in-green view.

Chilled Corn Chawanmushi is the steamed egg custard one needs to catch in restaurants in Tokyo.

Its lighter creme egg pudding topped with extra creme shot with corn kernels is amongst the most delicious dessert you can find in restaurants in Tokyo.

#2 é’té

This minimalistic elegant is amongst the top-choice restaurants in Tokyo for cloying meals. Its one marble table for four is an intimate affair to enjoy with your loved ones.


1 Chome-2-6 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 151-0063


The dishes start from ¥28,000.

Lunch: 12 pm-1 pm (LO)

Dinner: 6 pm- 7 pm (LO)


It is a French-Yoyogi cuisine restaurant established in Tokyo city in 2014.

What to eat?

Headed by 2023’s Asia’s Best Pastry Chef’, its preservatives-free couture-inspired cakes are a sensation.

Its Louis-Vuitton and Chanel-inspired patterned fresh fruits are a fantastic deal here.

The biscuits made from minced sea-urchin and smoky butter brioche are to relish the snack and awaken your appetite.

Mille Feuille, made from puffed pastry with a filling of gooseberry pickles, shallot mouse, and topped with caviar, is a delicacy to devour this year.

Signature Dish:-

Tender tilefish paired with crispy scales in clam broth

Sliced Abalone-layered over deep-fried bamboo shoot is one of the most delectable amongst the menu of restaurants in Tokyo.

Fléuré d’é’té signature cake is the dessert to gift your loved ones with nine-arranged juicy mango roses.

Topped with rotund cheese or raspberries, the freshly-chopped fruits with mild saccharine cream add the taste!

#3 Ishikawa

This classical kaiseki restaurant is of the best restaurants in Tokyo to stop by for a delicious snack.

Modern furnishing with warm lighting gives a relaxing experience in this three Michelin star holder restaurant.


Takamura Building 1F,5-37 Kagurazaka,Shinju-ku, Tokyo

The price per person for the Omakase course meals starts from ¥57,000


5:30 am-10:30 pm (LO)


The restaurant serves classical Japanese Haute cuisine.

What to eat?

Its 10-course massive meal changes with the changing seasons.

Baby sweetfish in the summers.

Extensively flavorful, deep-fried croquettes made with lotus root and sea turtle in the winter.

Seething grilled fish with sake or wine can be a gorgeous combo available in this restaurant.

The crunchy Kagurazaka Ishitaka Duck Hot Pot and Zao salted duck with duo sauce combo.

Signature Dish:-

Clay-pot cooked rice dish paired with scallops presented by the chef on its tableside steals the show.

The Butter-glazed horsehead snapper with perfectly crispy skin is the luscious dish to try this year.

Land of the Rising City’s capital overflows with Japanese and exotic try-out dishes.

You can enjoy a peppery ride of flavors or sweets in the top restaurants in Tokyo.

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