Trending September 2023 # How To Make A Simple Logo With Inkscape # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Make A Simple Logo With Inkscape # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Inkscape is one of the best free scalable vector graphics (SVG) applications. This renders it ideal for creating graphics that keep their looks no matter their size, and most of all, logos. Although Inkscape offers a sizable collection of tools, you can make a simple logo by only using one or two of them.

Since Inkscape is one of the most popular open-source graphics applications, many Linux distributions come with it pre-installed. If yours doesn’t include it, seek it through your distribution’s official App Store. If you don’t mind using commands and are on a Debian-based distribution, you can install it with:


apt-get install

inkscape Page Orientation

Inkscape’s default mode for new documents has them in portrait orientation. Most logos have a larger width than height, so it’s better to set the page setup as landscape.

Line Tool

Select the twelfth tool from the application’s toolbar, depicting a small pencil with a line that looks like a shadow underneath. Alternatively, press Shift + F6. This tool allows you to draw straight lines and bezier curves.

Magnetic Guides

Inkscape – and most of its tools – allow you to design whatever you want, wherever you want, starting from anywhere on the blank page. Sometimes, as in the case of designing a logo, some restrictions on all this freedom are quite helpful. And with “restrictions,” we’re talking about “guides,”

Creating guides in InkScape (as well as in many other applications of the same genre) is accessible through a hidden shortcut: hold down the left mouse button on one of the two rulers that appear at the edges of the page and drag it to the point where you want a guide. Depending on whether you pulled the ruler from the top or left of the page, you’ll create either a horizontal or vertical guide.

To make designing your logo much more comfortable, we suggest you create a matrix of guides not much different than what you can see in our screenshot.

Lines, curves and junctions

We began by drawing the letter “m.” As with most letters, we’d need both straight lines and curves. It’s easier – or, at least, we think it is – starting with a simple straight line. We (mentally) selected a vertical guide to the left of the page on which we’d like to place our first vertical line.

Defining a Shape

Adding Color

By repeating the previous steps, we designed two more letters to complete our logo. But they were white, or to be precise, blank, over a white background. Not the best for a logo.

Actual Logo

Remember to Save!

Files of this type store graphics as mathematical equations, so they look pristine no matter the size of the display. It’s also worth noting that all current browsers are compatible with it. and have been for most of the last decade, which means you can use your logo directly in SVG format on your site. It will be quicker to display, “cleaner looking,” and more compression-friendly compared to your average JPEG or PNG file.

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