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Trending September 2023 # How To Convert Picture To Pdf On Iphone And Ipad (6 Methods) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Most people nowadays choose to save precious moments by taking high-quality photos with their phones. However, it can be challenging to locate specific event pics when you have accumulated a large number of photos over time.

Converting your pictures into PDF on iPhone and iPad makes navigation easy. By putting the pics of the whole event in one PDF document, you only have to share a single file when someone requests. In this article, you will learn all the methods available to convert pictures to PDF on iPhone and iPad.

Method 1: Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone & iPad with Print Feature

When someone takes a photo from their phone, it saves in a specific format. iPhone and iPad could store images in PNG, HEIC, or JPG. However, sharing those photos with other smartphones may not support that format. PDF file, on the other hand, works on all operating systems. It makes accessing and seeing pictures easy, regardless of where or what device you use.

Apple has given a few built-in features to turn a photo into a PDF on iPhone without any app. These methods are fast and straightforward to follow.

Here are steps to save photos to PDF on iPhone & iPad with print feature:

Step 1) Expand the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2) Select the pics you wish to include in the PDF.

Step 3) Once you pick the pictures, hit the Share icon.

Step 4) Scroll down, look for the Print option, and select it.

Step 5) Select the layout and quantity of PDF copies you want to produce.

Step 7) Hit the Print button at the top right corner of the screen.

Note: Import the PDF in the folder by selecting Save to Files. Or you can share it with anyone directly from here.

Method 2: How to Save Photo as PDF on iPhone Using Notes App

All iOS devices have a Notes app where you keep your memos. However, it also provides the option to convert pictures into PDFs. With the Notes app, you can share the images with anybody as PDFs or store them for the future. The Notes App lets you add text in the PDFs, which means each photo can have its title, caption, or description.

Here are steps to convert an image to PDF on an iOS device with Notes App:

Step 1) First, open the Notes App on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2) Tap the Pen & Paper icon in the bottom right corner to start a new Note.

Step 3) Press the tiny camera icon above the keyboard. Next, select Choose Photo or Video from the drawer.

Note: You can choose from the alternatives presented here to contribute photographs in other ways, such as by snapping a new shot or scanning a document.

Step 4) Select the photos you wish to save as PDFs. Then hit the Add button.

Note: On the Notes page, you will see all the imported photos. Arrange the picture as per your preference by holding and dropping it at your desired position.

Step 6) At the bottom, you will see the Print option. Select it.

Step 7) After deciding the number of copies, range, paper size, and orientation for your PDF. Hit the Print button at the top.

Step 8) You can save or share the picture in PDF format with your friends.

Method 3: Save the Picture as PDF on your iPhone with Files App

Your iPhone has a built-in file management app called Files that lets you store and arrange your files. However, it can also be used for converting images to PDFs. You must bring all the targeted photos into the folder to use the Files App. So, when you create PDF, it will automatically save in the same location.

Here are steps to convert photos to PDF on an iOS device with File App:

Step 1) Choose Photos and hit the Share icon.

Step 2) Select the Save to Files option.

Step 3) Pick the location folder to save the photos and their PDF file.

Step 4) Access the Files App on your device and go to the selected folder.

Step 5) Select one or convert multiple photos and hit the round shape Three dots icon at the bottom.

Step 6) Hit the first Create PDF option to start the process.

Method 4: How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone Using Books App

The Books App is the quickest method for saving one or multiple images as PDFs. Unlike others, it does not allow you to customize the PDF according to your requirement.

Here are steps to convert photos to pdf on iPhone and iPad with Books App:

Step 1) First, launch the Photos App on your iOS device and select the photos you wish to save as PDFs.

Step 2) Hit the Share button at the screen’s bottom left corner.

Step 3) Swipe left to find the Books App in the list and select it.

Note: Select the Save to Files option to save it on your phone or iCloud. Use iCloud, So you can easily find it from any device.

Method 5: Use Shortcuts App to Convert Pictures to PDF on iPhone & iPad

In case you frequently need to convert iPhone photos to PDF, using a shortcuts app can save you time and effort. This process may seem more time-consuming than other methods, but it is easy and fast once you set it up.

Here are steps to use the Shortcuts App to take a picture a PDF on iPhone and iPad:

Step 1) Open the Shortcuts App on your iOS device.

Step 2) Tap the “+” icon for a new shortcut.

Step 3) After changing the name to PDF Converter, select Settings.

Step 4) Enable Show in Share Sheet and hit Done.

Step 5) Tap Any to select the file type you plan to convert to PDF.

Step 6) Clear the default selection and choose the images option. Then tap on Done.

Step 7) Hit Add Action button in the blue color.

Step 8) Search for Make PDF and add it to the shortcut.

Step 9) Expand the Make PDF section and allow Margin.

Step 10) Next, add another Save File action by tapping the search tab.

Step 11) Make sure the Ask Where to Save option is enabled. Then hit the Cross icon.

Step 12) Open the Photos app and select the images. Then tap on the Share icon.

Step 13) Scroll and pick the PDF Converter option.

Step 14) Select or create the folder where you want to save, and you are done.

Note: Visit that folder in the File app of your iPhone or iPad. Locate the PDF file you have just created.

Method 6: Use Third-party Apps to Turn a Photo into a PDF on iOS Devices

Built-in features from Apple may not be present on your iOS device. It could be because of the old operating system. Several third-party photo to-pdf converter apps are available in the app store that helps you save pic as pdf on your iPhone.

Here are some of the best PDF editor software to do this:

The well-known Adobe Acrobat Reader is present in the App Store to perform this task. Many functionalities of Adobe Acrobat Reader are free, but for the image to PDFs, you must subscribe for the premium membership. Fortunately, the yearly plan comes with a 7-day free trial, so if you don’t like the service, you can end this subscription.

Here are steps to convert pictures to PDF on iPhone & iPad with Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Step 1) Obtain the Adobe Acrobat Reader from the App Store. Then open it.

Step 2) Sign up for the yearly plan of Adobe with the free trial.

Step 4) Select the Create PDF option from the list.

Step 5) Here, pick the photo to convert into a PDF file.

Step 6) Find your PDF file on the Home page of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open it to view and share it with anybody.

Visit Adobe Acrobat

2) PDF Expert – Editor & Reader

PDF Expert – Editor & Reader by Readdle Technology Limited could be your go-to option. It is one of the best photo to pdf converter app that comes with a 7-day free trial. However, with this tool, you can convert more than one image into one PDF. PDF Expert – Editor & Reader lets you view and edit PDF files on your device.

3) Photos to PDF Converter Conclusion

Converting pictures to PDF format on your iPhone or iPad is a simple process that can be done using any built-in feature. Also, some best PDF converters are suggested in this article, including Adobe acrobat . Here, you will find a step-by-step guide to saving photos as PDFs on iPhone with several methods.

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