Trending September 2023 # 10 Best Payroll Service Providers (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 10 Best Payroll Service Providers (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Gusto is an ideal tool for users just getting started with payroll software. It is ideal for small business startups and fast-growth companies. It provides firms with modern HR features like Payroll, benefits, hiring, and management resources.

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Best Payroll Service Providers 1) Gusto Payroll – Best Payroll Software for New Users

Gusto is an ideal tool for users just getting started with payroll software. It is ideal for small business startups and fast-growth companies. It provides firms with modern HR features like Payroll, benefits, hiring, and management resources. The software serves more than 200,000 businesses with a single trusted system, competitive compensation tools, and expert guidance. It is also noteworthy that Gusto is a cloud deployable SaaS payroll tool. In addition, this software is easy to use and offers a wallet app for employees.



Integrations: 15Five, 7 Shifts, Accelo, etc.

Customer Support: Emails, 24/7 Help Desk, Online Question Answers, Forum, Calls, Live Chat

Devices Supported: Cloud, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Free Trial: No

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Unlimited Payroll Runs: The software offers its clients unlimited Payroll runs at its base package, making it cost-effective.

Tax Filing Capabilities: Gusto’s integration allows businesses to account for tax liabilities after each Payroll runs automatically.

Completely Automated Payroll: This software gives new employees the ability to onboard themselves to the business payroll process.

Employee Self-service Options: Gusto’s mobile app allows your staff to access their payroll and benefits information anywhere.

Health Benefits Management: The software provides a contemporary viewpoint on employee perks with an all-in-one and easy-to-use benefits platform. Gusto’s smart suggestions assist employers in selecting the best benefits packages for their workers.

Next-day Direct Deposit Option: The tool offers a fast and secure way to pay your employees via direct bank deposits.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Unique employee benefits options. High monthly fee per user.

No extra fee for payroll tax filing.  

Do not charge an extra fee for insurance add-ons.  

Key Specs: 2) OnPay Payroll – Best for its User Interface

OnPay is a simple and intuitive cloud-based solution that includes all you could need for your small business payroll. It can automatically disburse salaries, compute taxes, and file tax documents according to a set timetable. This payroll solution is ideal for small businesses that want free help switching payroll companies, including migrating prior period payroll data. It also offers a single plan pricing tier.



Integrations: Guideline, When I Work, Deputy, etc.

Customer Support: Emails, Phone, Live Chat, FAQs, and Forums

Devices Supported: Cloud

Free Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

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Employee Management:The tool allowsemployees to onboard themselves by setting up their employee profiles and entering their data. Employers can access a dedicated employee portal that securely stores their essential documents.

Integrations:Like most cloud-based software on the market now, the software can sync with several other accounting, time tracking, 401(k) / Retirement, HR & Compliance software you’re likely already using to run and manage your business. They include Quickbooks, Xero, When I Work, America’s Best 401k, and Mineral (formerly Think HR).

Direct Deposit: OnPay allows for direct deposit options and is quite reliable.

Insurance Benefits: In addition to its full-service payroll processing features, small business owners can use the tool as an online broker to access staff health insurance and retirement plans.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Fairly priced full-service Payroll. Offers one plan only (limited scalability)

Comprehensive payroll tax administration at no extra fee.  

Extensive staff health insurance benefits and insurance options.  

Key Specs:

30 Days Free Trial

3) Paycor – Best HR management platform

Paycor is one of the best alternatives to Paychex, with many features built specifically for medium and large-scale businesses. It has robust HR software tools to meet all your management, recruitment, onboarding, and training needs. Predefined workflows and templates help streamline all business operations.



Integrations: DailyPay, Employee Navigator, Zapier, etc.

Customer Support: Emails, Phone, Live Chat, FAQs, and Forums

Devices Supported: Cloud, Android, iOS, and Mac

Free Trial: 14 Day Free Trial

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Supports payments via Direct Deposits, paper checks, pay cards, and a variety of other payment methods

Provides time clocks for employees that enable proximity badges, biometric fingerprints, and PIN clock-ins/clock-outs to prevent time theft

Analyze your history and provide predictive data for tackling future trends

Enables employees to recognize peers and track their professional development against skills

Direct Deposit Speed: 2 days

Self Service Portal: Yes

Time/Attendance Tracking: Yes

Benefits Administration: Insurance for Health and 401(k)s

Tax Filing Support W-2s and 1099s

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides the broadest range of recruitment and onboarding tools Lacks International payment options

Multiple pricing plans for different business sizes

Robust talent development tools to help employees become better at their work

Key specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days

14-Day Free Trial

4) Patriot Payroll – Best solution for managing payroll, compensation, and benefits

Patriot Payroll is one of the best alternatives to Paychex, focusing on simplicity and ease of use for small business payroll management. It can be integrated with Patriot’s accounting solutions to simplify accounting and bookkeeping. Their basic plan is built to satisfy all the basic needs of local businesses and solopreneurs without being too confusing.

Its payroll experts are of the best in terms of assistance in initial setup and migration. You can create variations of payment schedules with support for repeated payment types, employee deductions, and configurable working hours.



Integrations: QuickBooks, GoCo, WorkForce Hub, etc.

Customer Support: US-based 24/7 Customer Support, Emails, Phone, Live Chat, FAQs, and Forums

Devices Supported: Cloud, Windows, and Mac

Free Trial: 30 Day Free Trial

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Automatically deduct worker’s compensation insurance premiums from each pay cycle

Manages and automatically calculates the relevant taxes based on the employee’s locations

Allows you to decide whether or not PTO hours accrued by employees should be carried over to the next year

HR solutions can access a variety of reports to verify payroll tax calculations, employee information, and more

Direct Deposit Speed: 2 to 4 days

Self Service Portal: Yes

Time/Attendance Tracking: Yes

Benefits Administration: Insurance For Health, 401(k)s, FSA & HSA, etc.

Tax Filing Support W-2s, W-3s, 940s, and 941s

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Easy onboarding with straightforward setup and migration process Lacks proper time tracking tools

Provides helpful resources to learn about working of payroll system, taxes, labor law, etc.

Covers all fines and interest payments caused by incorrect payroll tax fillings

Key specs:

Free Trial: Yes, 30 Days

30-Day Free Trial

5) ADP Payroll – Best Tool for Growing Businesses

ADP Payroll is a comprehensive payroll solution that provides flexibility for businesses in managing payroll, benefits, and other aspects of human resources. This software is excellent for growing businesses because it is engineered for businesses that plan to scale.

The software is also structured with mobile and deposit payroll features and automatic estimations of retirement contributions and taxes, essential in handling complex payroll systems. The ADP platform is versatile enough to create features, tools, and custom reports to deal with the most complicated employee setups.



Integrations: Xero, Wave, ClockShark, When I Work, etc.

Customer Support: Emails, Phone, Live Chat, FAQs, and Forums

Devices Supported: Cloud

Free Trial: 3 Months Free Trial

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Payroll Runs: ADP offers basic Payroll and full payroll services that include access to experts for accurate, custom-tailored payroll solutions, customizable tax-filing solutions, and benefits management plans.

Direct Deposit and Payroll Delivery: The software also has a mobile direct deposit and delivery feature handy for small businesses.

Tax Filing and Deposit: ADP allows companies to account for tax liabilities after each payroll run and file taxes to the relevant bodies.

Time Tracking: The tool is equipped with time tracking, making it ideal for managing staff working hours.

Reports: It also provides businesses with several reports, including benefits, tax, and payroll reports, and users can filter the report information by employee, pay period, or even by year for easy categorization.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Easy to use – designed with a gentle learning curve. Additional fee for payroll tax administration

Automatic Payroll runs that free up staff to focus on core business matters. Additional fee for insurance add-ons

Simple to make changes to your Payroll  

Grows with your business and is scalable software so you can transition from a small business to a large one  

Reduces errors and makes Payroll more accurate  

Key Specs:

3 Month Free Trial

6) Rippling – Best Tool for Global Payroll

Rippling offers global payroll processing capabilities, making it ideal for small businesses that hire workers remotely. In addition, Rippling offers unique features that its competitors don’t, such as worldwide Payroll and quote-based pricing. Its national and international payroll processing includes direct deposit and payroll tax administration.

The software can also track PTO, have employees’ clock in and out, and generate customized reports that break down expenses by time worked. In addition, Rippling makes it easy to manage your company’s Payroll, benefits, HR, and IT in an all-in-one, modern platform. It brings all your employee systems and data together and helps automate your busy schedule.



Integrations: Slack, Dropbox, Wrike, Asana, Freshdesk, etc.

Customer Support: Email, Knowledge base, Phone, Chat, and 24/7 Help Desk

Devices Supported: Cloud, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Free Trial: No

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Payroll Runs: Rippling offers its clients unlimited Payroll runs at its base package.

Automatic Tax Filing: The software calculates payroll taxes automatically and then submits them to the proper federal, state, and local authorities. This feature eliminates administrative hassles.

Digitized Document Management: Rippling’s document management solution allows users to digitally send, sign, and store documents. This includes letters, an employee handbook, and termination agreements.

Seamless Integration: Users can connect Rippling with over 500 applications. Employees may use Slack to set up new hires and issue corporate cards with Brex. In addition, they can use Proxy to grant access to employees. They can also automate all manual activities using the Rippling App Shop.

Robust Data Protection: The tool also offers small businesses substantial data protection.

Powerful Reporting: HR can visualize employee turnover, IT can track app usage, and the finance department can see compensation trends to make key decisions.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Elegant and easy-to-understand user experience. Website is not clear about the level of integrations of apps within the app marketplace.

Numerous automation. Some tasks use up too much of your employees’ time.

Managing employee attributes and mapping them to other systems.  

A single source of truth that you can trust.  

Key Specs: 7) Paychex – Best Affordable Payroll Software with Time Tracking

Paychex is an online solution for small businesses. The platform allows companies to track money and pay contractors and employees easily. It is also one of the most affordable payroll solutions. In addition, management can track employee working hours and use its integration feature to make wage payments easy, accurate, and automatic.



Integrations: Altametrix, Deputy, Beekeeper, etc.

Customer Support: Live Chat, Emails, Phone, 24/7 Support, and Community

Devices Supported: Cloud, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows.

Free Trial: No

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Online Payroll: This tool offers a basic payroll and a full-service payroll option.

Easy to Use: A gentle learning curve while adopting a new tool is critical since it saves time and effort a team can spend on more core business tasks.

Time Tracking by Client: Paychex also offers the time tracking functionality for its clients, and this is an excellent add-on tool.

Accounting Capabilities: It is also ideal for use by small business owners without accounting experience.

Reimbursement Management: It allowsfor reimbursement management and allows employees to enter their data.

Benefits Management: The software customizes employee benefits packages and allows employers to assign different benefits to each employee.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Paychex is multipurpose. You can use it for Payroll and accounting. Multistate tax filings cost extra

It offers a time and attendance add-on. Minimal HR tools

The tool comes with HR software add-ons.  

No long-term contracts.  

Unlimited Payroll runs.  

Free payroll setup and expert support.  

Key Specs:

30 Days Free Trial

8) QuickBooks Payroll – Most User-Friendly Payroll Solution

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best online payroll software. It is one of the best options for small businesses to streamline payroll processing and is integrated within the QuickBooks software portfolio. Its payroll functionality is seamlessly designed and very easy to understand. This user-friendliness is perhaps why it is the most widely used payroll software.

Quickbooks also offers affordable pricing and a wide range of accounting features. If you are already using QuickBooks accounting software to track finances, it is easy to add Payroll by simply activating the feature within QuickBooks Online.



Integrations: QuickBooks Accounting, Big Time, etc.

Customer Support: Phone, Email Support, Live Online Chat, FAQs, and Community

Devices Supported: Android, iOS, and Cloud.

Free Trial: 30 Day Free Trial

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Unlimited Payroll Runs offers a basic payroll and a full-service payroll solution and services.

Tax Filing and Deposit: The software allows businesses to account for tax liabilities after each payroll run and file taxes to the relevant bodies.

Automations:QuickBooks Online automates tasks, making Payroll faster and less stressful for small business owners.

Built-in Reports:The software spares you the laborious task of creating financial reports from scratch thanks to the software’s built-in reports, including the trial balance, general ledger, and transaction detail reports you’ll need come tax time.

Automatic Backups:The tool automatically backs up your data, so you never worry about whether your books are safe and up to date.

Electronic Invoicing:Another time-saving feature is electronic invoicing.

Integrations:QuickBooks Online integrates with dozens of third-party applications that small businesses use daily. These include email marketing, e-commerce, customer relationship management, payment processing, and time tracking tools.

Mobile App:IOS and Android apps for devices are available and included with your QuickBooks Online account.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Affordable starting per-payee price Additional fee for insurance add-ons

User-friendly interface with straightforward QuickBooks Online integration  

No additional fee for payroll tax administration  

Key Specs:

30 Days Free Trial

9) Paylocity – Best for No-Frills Payroll Solution

Paylocity is cloud-based software that provides human resources and payroll management tools to help businesses manage core HR functions. The software is ideal for various industries due to its straight-to-the-point functionality. Paylocity’s web pay payroll solution is a unique platform that provides businesses an online payroll software capable of taking users beyond payroll functions. It features custom reports, compliance, and a pre-process register, and other proactive elements.


Payroll Processing: The software allows payroll management for firms of all sizes from small mom-and-pop stores to large enterprises.

Benefits Administration: Paylocity’s capabilities go beyond processing salaries and wages as it allows customizable solutions to manage per-employee benefits accruing to staff.

Time Management: The tool is built with the time tracking functionality. This feature serves as an excellent performance management tool to track employee hours.

Integrated Applicant Tracking Systems: These HR features allow you to track the entire recruitment process.

Data Analytics Toolkit: The developers created Paylocity with data management as its backbone. It is, so it offers built-in analytics that is easy to understand.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It allows easy payroll access to users. The onboarding process is a bit clunky.

Offers consolidation of paperwork into digital records  

It is a great solution for time tracking.  

Key Specs: 10) Justworks – Most Mobile Friendly Payroll Solution

Justworks is software that makes it easier to start, run and grow a business. It provides entrepreneurs and their teams with automated Payroll, compliance support, and HR tools- all in one place. The software comes with mobile functionality that allows staff to work while on the go.

The developers built the software to allow entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most – growing their business and taking care of their teams. Justworks ensures companies will be able to provide prompt and accurate payment for all types of employees, whether full or part-time. It features payment options such as direct deposits, bonuses, and reimbursement management. Justworks also comes with robust analytics and reporting.


PayrollThe payroll dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of which workers are paid.

Mobile Functionality: The software comes with unique functionalities that allow integration into mobile devices. The software is straightforward to use and mobile-friendly. It is available on the apple app store.

Time Tracking: You can manage time tracking easily. In addition, you can also use the intuitive built-in feature to create paid-time-off.

Compliance Support: The software comes with a raft of in-built tools to help you comply with state and federal policies.

Integrations: The tool integrates with some accounting software platforms such as QuickBooks and Xero.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Systematically centralize payment for all types of employees across different departments. Justworks does not offer native expense management features.

Elegant analytics and reporting. It is a bit pricey compared to other tools on this list.

HR teams can use an employee benefits manager to optimize employee service provision.  

Mobile-friendly with an interactive employee interface.  

Users can set employee policies, company rules, and regulatory compliance within the system.  

Key Specs:

30 Days Free Trial

11) Sure Payroll – Most Versatile Payroll Software

SurePayroll has a wide range of payroll features, making it a good option for small businesses looking for a comprehensive solution. The software comes with auto payroll processing capabilities which come in handy when computing and submitting federal and state taxes. You can also run Payroll automatically multiple times a day at no extra cost. In addition, you can easily access Workers’ compensation, 401(k) plans, health insurance, and pre-employment screenings through the SurePayroll dashboard.


Mobile Functionality: The tool comes with full cloud access and also provide iOS and Android mobile app so that you can complete Payroll away from the office.

Auto Payroll: This feature allows companies to enter default hours or salary amounts for employees, with SurePayroll taking over and doing the rest.

Calculates Payroll Taxes: The software ensures that the necessary reports and remittances are completed, guaranteeing that they will be done accurately.

Process Year-end Forms and Reports: SurePayroll also processes year-end forms and reports and quarterly tax returns for employees and any contract workers you hire throughout the year.

Employee Self-service offers a convenient, secure online portal for employees, providing them access to payroll-related information such as current and historic paystubs and other necessary forms.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The vendor offers two plans, a Full-Service and a No Tax Filing option. Limited scalability.

Extended customer service hours. Limited employee benefits.

Affordable insurance add-ons.  

No contracts or setup fees.  

A clean, intuitive user interface.  

Several software integrations include Time Clock, Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, and Less Accounting.  

Key Specs:

60 Days Free Trial

12) Square Payroll Software – Best Omnichannel Support

Square Payroll is a full-service payroll solution that helps small businesses pay employees through online payroll management and handle payroll tax. It can be integrated with various payment processing tools, accounting software, and employee management systems. It also offers tools to file payroll taxes automatically.

In addition, the online payroll service allows businesses to track workers’ compensation and ensure payroll compliance. One notable feature of Square is its omnichannel customer support which allows clients to access customer support services through several channels, including live chats, email, and telephone support. Although a few other payroll tools also offer omnichannel support, square stands tall above the rest as the company ensures all queries are dealt with concisely, promptly, and to the customer’s satisfaction.


Employee Management & PTO: The software has many features to help businesses manage employees and contractors from a single interface.

Payroll Tax Support: It offers payroll tax support. Specifically, automatic tax calculation, filing, and payment.

HR & Onboarding: Square’s onboarding features allow newly hired employees and contractors to quickly set up their online accounts.

Square Payroll Integrations: The software works with other square apps and services, such as Square POS, which helps you to sync accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and other third-party tools.

Import staff tips and commissions: You can easily import staff tips and commissions from the Square Point of Sale (POS) system and add them to the Payroll.

Workers’ compensation insurance: You can automatically provide your staff with pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance and add it to the Payroll.

Offsite Customer Support: Square Payroll has excellent customer support and prides itself in dealing with customers’ queries quickly and concisely. Square offers various alternatives with which customers can ask for assistance.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Seamless integrations with Square POS and many third-party tools. A steep learning curve compared to other tools.

Automatic tips and commission imports. Reports can be confusing for new users.

Automated time tracking.  

No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.  

Key Specs: FAQ:

Here are the Best Payroll Companies for small businesses:




Patriot Payroll

ADP Payroll


There are several reasons:

Small business payroll software saves businesses time and money through lower labor costs. It does this through automated payroll processing. It includes many of the tasks associated with Payroll, including calculating employee pay, processing taxes, and managing benefits.

In addition, payroll software can help ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. By using payroll software, businesses can avoid costly penalties and fines.

Finally, payroll software can provide valuable insights into employee compensation and trends. Companies can make informed decisions about investing their resources best by understanding these trends.

Ultimately, payroll processing companies offers several benefits that can be extremely helpful for small businesses.

Payroll software offers a variety of analytics to help small businesses understand their payroll data. The best payroll software will provide reporting and analysis tools that allow companies to track employee pay, hours worked, and taxes withheld.

Additionally, businesses can use payroll data to generate reports on employee productivity, budgeting, and compliance. With the right payroll software in place, companies can gain valuable insights into their workforce and make more informed decisions about their payroll processes.

When choosing a payroll service, there are several factors to consider:

One of the first things to consider is what type of software payroll providers offer. There are many different kinds of payroll software, from desktop-based software to cloud-based solutions.

Depending on your needs and preferences, some payroll services will be best suited for your business than others.

Another important consideration when selecting a payroll provider is the level of support. Ideally, you should look for a company that provides online resources and personalized assistance via phone or email.

It is also essential to do your research when choosing a payroll service. Make sure to compare pricing plans, features, and customer reviews before making your final decision.

Best Online Payroll Service Providers

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